ACA Advanced Technology Research & Development

ABN: 34818201066


Induction Steam Generators from 2.4KW-3.6KW (240V) & 10KW to 240KW (3 phase) producing dry saturated steam of 170 degrees C at 700kPa in 10-12 minutes from cold start.


Various application areas:

  •     heavy - metalprocessing - process
  •     motor car industry and motor car services
  •     textile - leather - and fur industry -timber Industry, dry cleaning plants, laundries
  •     hotel, restaurants and canteens
  •     hospitals, turkish baths, saunas
  •     houses
  •     agriculture and cattle - breeding
  •     Industry and production of concrete and or curing
  •     chemical pharmaceutical, Hospital and Dental Industries
  •     rubber manufacturers
  •     food industry and bakeries, cold meat and poultry manufacturers.


Manufacture of Trolley & Cubicle for Sterilisation of soil, composts, etc. by steam & forced air.


Steam Cleaners Pressure/High Temperature                                                            

Mini Steam Generator/Cleaner 240V. 10A./15A. or 3(PH.) 170C 

PowerMaster Cleaner 3.6KW 15A.(240V.) or 7.2kW (3Ph.)

Mini Master"  cold water cleaner 1400kPa,  10A. (240V.)

Master hot-water cleaner 1400kPa, (240V.) Variable to 120C.


3 Phase Industrial Cleaners

The Steam Gun Kit, for cleaning with Live Steam or Hot Water with or without Detergents, Sterilants, Sanitizer etc, installed direct on Generator,  makes the Steam Generator a perfect high impact cleaning tool.


Brand Name Products

  • MASTER Induction Steam Generators
  • MASTER immersed element boilers
  • MASTER  Steam Cleaners Industrial/Commercial Domestic, single phase & 3 Phase supply
  • MASTER On-Field Weed Killer  
  • MASTER Plant Tissuse Media Preparator
  • MASTER Dry Heater
  • MASTER Bread Crumb Machine
  • MASTER Feed Pumps
  • MASTER Sterilisers from ½ cubic metre to 3 cubic metres mobile and on order as requested
  • MASTER Steam Gun Kit(s) No. 1 and No. 2
  • MASTER Aerators No. 4 and No. 5
  • MASTER Safety Pressure Relief Valves ½ bsp
  • MASTER Piston Pump High Pressure 5 litre per minute.