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Mini Steam Generator-Cleaners


Real Steam 170C.  (Fully  Continuous) Push button STEAM in 10-12min. 170 C.

2.4kW, 10A. producing approx. 2.6kg/hr of steam. or

3.6kW, 15A. producing approx. 5kg/hr of steam.

Steam cleaning with a Master cleaner uses up to 80% less water, little or no chemicals required, cleans quicker and completely kills germs, bacteria, mould and other nastie's. Residue moisture on cleaned surfaces dries faster and cleaner. Used for Sterilizing  degrease machinery using no solvents or chemicals, graffiti, clean/de-ice sterilize and odorize fridges and cool room etc. Restaurants Super-markets, clean sterilize and de-grease commercial kitchens benches. Bathrooms toilets, showers, grout, blind cleaning, steam weeding, the list is endless.

MASTER STEAM Cleaner/Generator 240V

An element Steam Cleaner/Generator, specially designed and Manufactured in Australia for applications such as Commercial Cleaning, Graffiti etc. Oil Stain removal, Commercial Kitchens, Utensils, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor and Carpet Cleaning, Chewing gum removal, General polishing, Dental or Laboratory use, Jewellers, Commercial Stoves, Fridge's, Hospitals, Laboratories, Food, Confectionery / Beverage Industries, Small food processing and much more.

Unique Technology

This technology is unique throughout the world and has been developed to be simple, reliable and a one-person portable system.  It is fully automatic and simple to operate by just connecting to tap water and plug into a power point and you will experience the constant flow of dry saturated steam of 6-7bar at 170°C.

Convenient Operation

Simply take the generator from the vehicle to the job, connect the water supply to machine, then connect power lead to standard 240V. outlet. The generator is supplied with: 5m Electric cord, 5m Water Hose and a Steam Gun with customised steam nozzle, all mounted on a manoeuvrable chassis.

Safe Operation

The advanced technology, use of clients electrical and water supply, no flame, no gas cylinder means no worries, no hazards.   No loss of heat from lengthy hoses, wont run out of steam as it is connected to the mains, the Master mini generator has been in operation for a number of years proving to be extremely efficient and reliable.


2.4KW Master Steam Cleaner by Aca Engineering3.6KW Master Steam Cleaner by ACA Engineering