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Master Steam Generators


Industrial 120kw electric steam generator fromACA EngineeringAs Standard :

Pressure 700kPa
Temperature 170 Degrees Celcius

Or Custom Made To Suit Your Needs.


MASTER Induction Steam Generators and Immersed Element Boilers have been supplying steam to a wide range of industrial and commercial applications since 1948, i.e.: Clothing, Drycleaning, Food Processing, Baking, Dairying, Catering and Fur Industries and in Research Centres and Hospitals.
Also for Industrial Process Heating, Steam Baths, Humidification, Heat Treatment Processes, Steam Cleaning, Soil Treatment, Rubber Industries, Chemical, Timber Treatment, and wherever Steam is required.

Steam Demand Growth can be met by adding additional generators to operate either in parallel or adjacent to individual process operations. This is a great energy saver and also reduces cost of your production.

Multiple Generator Systems are more economical in instances of fluctuating steam demand: each generator is brought in production according to the steam demand pattern.


MASTER Steam Generators are approved unattended boilers, which means a saving to your company by reducing the cost of production of your products.

MASTER Generators do not require a boiler room or special foundations or local authorities' approvals, it can be installed anywhere adjacent to users of steam, so it produces a saving on pipe installation work, materials, maintenance.