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Induction Generators


Industrial 10kw induction steam generator by ACA EngineeringIn Operation this unique Induction Generator heats water simply by passing it through tubular secondary windings of a transformer. It is not an immersion element type boiler. A very heavy electrical current is induced to flow in the winding converting the water therein into steam.


The steam is discharged into the upper space of a steam chest. This flow draws hot water from the lower part of the steam chest, on the dynamic pump principle, into the winding. The process cycle repeats at an extremely rapid rate during steam raising.


The efficiency of this principle of conversion of electrical energy to steam is 99%. This specifically designed and engineered equipment matched with this energy conversion system provides extremely fast steam generation at high thermal efficiency.


Induction dry heater

Industrial Induction Dry Heater by ACA EngineeringACA's Induction dry heater has been designed for heating applications in a tube. To heat low and high pressure, air, gasses or any liquid media.

It is applicable especially for super-heated steam.

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Induction steam heater