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Generation 5 and 6

Generation 5 and 6  – Thermal Hot Air Steam


generation5 and 6 thermal hot air steamgeneration5 and 6 thermal hot air steam

Designed on a completely new advanced technology, Non Pressurised Steam Combination, Air/Steam/Hot Water. Much lighter in weight, allot physically smaller in size with efficiency rate of 96% approx. Performance: Gen. (5 & 6) models speed is approx. 2.5km/hr depending on weed species. Generation (6) has only one hot heat distributor at front of tractor either left or right sides. Generation (5) has either one or two heat distributors and can be purchased as one side or both sides; each distributor is of 30kW capacity




  • Energy Source:  Diesel, Hot Air Steam.
  • Operating cycle: 6 hours approx.
  • Steam Cap: Gen. (5) each unit 30kW. Gen (6) 80kW
  • Water Storage Tank:  60Lt
  • Fuel Storage Capacity:  40L.
  • Heat Distributor Diam:  Gen (5) – 600mm
  • Heat Distributor Diam:  Gen (6) – 800mm x 1.2m.


Generation (6) Heat distributor is designed in a horizontal so is specially designed to work on Citrus Orchards with low branches.

Suitable for Citrus and Fruit Orchards,  Fruit/Vegetable growers, Vineyards and  Road Authorities, Shires, City Councils, and Local Authorities.


The Steam Weed Control equipment is still knew to the market, our Research & Development team are continually  updating designs and features to accommodate most applications, however if you have a specific requirement talk to our sales staff we can design & build a unit to suit your application and needs.


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Australian Made

Designed Engineered & Tested In Australia

Generation 5 and 6 equipment in action


One application only and 48hrs later after steaming with 36mm of rain the day before

generation5 and 6 one application only



Two applications

 generation5 and 6 two applications only


Generation 5 and 6 product videos