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Chemical Free Steam Weed Systems

Controling & Reducing the use of Herbicides & Pesticides Worldwide.


Steam Technology is not only more effective in the end result but totally natural, safe, hygienic and a more cost effective approach to control of weeds.  Thermal weed control offers primary industries an alternative to chemical treatments, which allows minimal tillage with no fear of health risk to operators, crop contamination, soil, neighboring farms, houses, or other.

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  • Saves money & time
  • Operates in all weather conditions including wet
  • Non polluting – Complete & safe weed elimination
  • Safe to use near livestock & fauna
  • No lost productivity from delayed chemical applications
  • No harmful residues left behind
  • Breaks the chemical cycle completely



The rapid rise in temperature of moisture in the weed species causes the cells of the plant to rupture.  Boiling the moisture in the leaves  ruptures the cells of the plant.  The benefits of thermal weed control are numerous, and vary from a competitive alternative to chemicals 


CONTROL WEEDS FOR: Parks and Gardens  -  Road side kerbs  - Farming and Vegetable Growers -  Children’s Playgrounds - Rural areas  - Footpaths .  Large gravel or paved areas -  fence lines  and etc.


AWARDS - New Millennium Award Geneva Switzerland 2003  -  24th International Award for Technology and Quality.


The ecological and environmental factors  which have presented for a long time and recently become apparent to not only government but to any attempt to create a non-hazardous work-safe environment.  The environmental issues which have been overlooked for so long in the interests of convenience have now been revealed as a major problem. Hazardous substances, chemicals in industry, fertilizers, herbicides/pesticides and such like in agriculture, have created insoluble problems in both these prominent industries.

Steam Technology is not only more effective in the end result but totally natural, safe, hygienic and cost effective.  Steam Technology is the natural anti-bacterial, non-hazardous, ergonomically friendly, treatment which applies to cleaning, decontamination, sterilization, and weed control.

The protection of the environment and health and safety in the work place has become an opportunity for forward thinking ecologically aware corporations.

Promoting dialogue and co-operation between companies and government and offering incentives for those aware of environmental protection and safety is proving to be the way to a happier and healthier future.

Note: Federal Government has introduced 43 amendments to the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2005 Ref: OH&S (Commonwealth Employment) (National Standards) Regulations up to version SR2004 No.378

ACA Engineering has made phenomenal progress with saturated ‘Steam Technologies’ in increasingly emerging specialized applications. The advantages of ‘Steam Technology’ are always aligned with ecological and environmental issues.