ACA Advanced Technology Research & Development

ABN: 34818201066


Tony Zajc formed ACA Engineering in 1980 as a subdivision of A.Z. Ajax Electric’s, which was founded in 1967. The company initially operated as a Industrial maintenance group, employing Electricians, Boilermakers, Fitters, Welders, and others.

ACA Engineering & Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. is a 100% Australian owned and has enjoyed consistent growth in the market place since inception.

Served in large spectrums of industries, preventative maintenance, brake down repairs; reconstruct various plants and machineries, Rubber Industries, Textile and other industries, which employed over 200 service personal.



Work on number of projects as contractors or sub-contractors, in Australian Wool Industry, OFF-Shore Oil Platforms, Mining Company, On Crushers, Separators, Excavators, Installation and erections of Power Stations, sub-stations, Overhead transmission lines and Underground cable reticulation.

Where extensive R& D undertaken in Horticulture and Agriculture Industries, work in other various projects.



From our R& D section we develop all spectrums of products for need in Horticulture and Prime Industries, Some products are as follows:

Sterilization Trolleys; in four different sizes, Stationary soil sterilizers in capacities of 20m³ , Sterilization Cubicles for concrete curing etc.

Plant Tissue Media Preparator; to industry general design, unique electrical induction steam generator, of 99% efficiency rate.

Electric Induction Dry Heater; as the worlds first unique product.

Different capacity steam cleaners; which are, advanced technology, they are efficient and consume marginally less water and energy, and they are absolutely environmentally friendly.

On-Field Weed Treatment equipment designed and developed world’s first; for prime industry mounted on a special carryall attachable for tractors.

For road Compactors; a steam generator specially designed and built

Off-Shore environment; specially built Induction steam generator.



The company being customized engineers having very extensive experience, able to cope and satisfy all needs and request form potential clients. Our R& D section is ready at any time for a challenge.



The ACA work force is made up of different trades people, and are all guided and driven by Mr. Tony Zajc his wife Ana, and by the younger generation his daughter.


ACA Engineering & Manufacturing Pty. Ltd. are customized engineers, we can build units specifically to customers requirements.